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Why was the film titled Bladerunner?

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I know the name had something to do with William S Burroughs but am not sure why the title was chosen.....I do not recall it being in Philip K Dick's original story.

Why was the film titled Bladerunner?

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The title was borrowed from an original novel by Alan Nourse called "The Bladerunner" (all one word), which was itself adapted into a film screenplay by William S. Burroughs. This film (called "Bladerunner" - still one word but now minus the article) and the book have a similar central plot which has little resemblance to Scott's film, except for an apocalyptic future setting and a dissolute and disillusioned central character.

The original Bladerunner is a black-marketeer in medical supplies, selling them to outlawed doctors. The action is set in a world where only an elite rich can access institutional health care. The blade connotation refers to surgical instruments.

There's no real sign of a nod to the original story in Scott's version (there's little enough to Dick!). Presumably he liked the sound of the name.

Great film, one of the greatest in fact, but its naming maybe isn't one of its finest points.

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Why was the film titled Bladerunner?

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