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The Newry Highwayman

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Uncle Ghengis

Sounds a bit like the character in the song "Newry Highwayman"...
Although of course, he must have been in Ireland (and hanged at Stephen's Green.)

The Newry Highwayman

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Dmitri Gheorgheni - Post Editor

Ooh, don't know that song. Do you have lyrics, or a link, please?

Big folk song fan here - especially highwaymen.smiley - biggrin

Stephen's Green...what a pleasant place to die...

The Newry Highwayman

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Uncle Ghengis


The version I'm most familiar with is by the wonderful Minnesota based band: Boiled in Lead - on their "Antler Dance" album.
But I have heard at least one other version.

Newry Highwayman

In Newry town, I was bread and born,
In Stephen's Green now I die in scorn.
I served my time to the saddling trade,
But I turned out to be, but I turned out to be a roving blade.

At seventeen I took a wife,
I loved her dearly as I loved my life;
And for to keep in fine array,
I went a-robbing, I went a-robbing on the King's highway.

I never robbed any poor man yet,
Nor any tradesman did I beset;
I robbed the lords and the ladies bright,
And brought their jewels and brought their jewels to my heart's delight.

To Covent Garden I made my way,
With my dear wife for to see the play;
Lord Fielding's gang they did me pursue,
And I was taken, and I was taken by that cursed crew.

My father cried, "O, my daring son."
My wife she wept and sighed. "I am undone."
My mother tore her white locks and cried;
Twas in the cradle, twas in the cradle that he should have died.

And when I'm dead and in my grave
A flashy funeral pray let me have;
With six bold highwaymen to carry me.
Give them good broadswords, give them good broadswords and liberty.

Six pretty maidens to bear my Pall,
Give them white garlands and ribbons all.
And when I'm dead they will speak the truth,
He was a wild, he was a wild and a wicked youth.

The Newry Highwayman

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Dmitri Gheorgheni - Post Editor

smiley - applause Thanks much!smiley - biggrin

The Newry Highwayman

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Josie Whitehead

I am a poet with 330 new poems about to be published in five books, and also a small animated film. One of my poems is about Swift Nick and at the moment it is on my website, but will be in one of my books within the next day or so. By Googling JOSIE'S POEMS you can see Swift Nick written as a ballad if you look at the end of the poetry list to "Narrative Poetry".

The Newry Highwayman

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Dmitri Gheorgheni - Post Editor

Thank you for the link.smiley - smiley

It is good to know that Swift Nick is still inspiring people.

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