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'Dick Turpin's (aka Swift Nick's) Ride

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BigAl Patron Saint of Left Handers Keeper of the Glowing Pickle and Monobrows

Just been watching a Channel 5 (UK) TV programme re the ride from Kent to York.

Scientific studies show that this would not've been possible.

smiley - biroOn the plus side, the horse was Arab - known for their stamina.
smiley - biro Turpin was said to have kept his horse cool with dilute brandy. Thermal imaging of a horse whose left side was cooled with plain water and the right side was cooled with dilute brandy, showed that the brandy-cooled side stayed cool longer than the water-cooled side. But, the thought occurred to this Researcher that Turpin would either have had to carry all this brandy (extra weight) or stop frequently.
smiley - biro If Turpin stopped at hostelries as frequently as suggested in the poem, 'Dick Turpin's Ride', then he would very quickly have become too inebriated to continue.
smiley - biro To do Kent to York in 11 hours means an average sopeed of 18 mph. Study of an Arab horse on a treadmill showed that it was comfortable at this speed (canter) for 20' after which it broke its stride. So, a horse wouldn't be able to maintain this pace for 11 hours!
smiley - biro So the legend of Dick Turpin's Ride is considered to be a complete fiction.

'Dick Turpin's (aka Swift Nick's) Ride

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You're spoiling it for everyone.

'Dick Turpin's (aka Swift Nick's) Ride

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Dmitri Gheorgheni - Post Editor

Ah, another lovely story dashed by cold reason.smiley - rofl

'Dick Turpin's (aka Swift Nick's) Ride

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I maintain that to do so is just nasty. It's the mystery that endures, not the explanation.

'Dick Turpin's (aka Swift Nick's) Ride

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Would be a problem if you follow the rubbish written in Rookwood, however the Newgate calender states that the ride to York started at 5am and was completed by 8pm the same day - a ride of 15 hours not eleven and therefore not quite so impossible. The legend lives on guys!smiley - biggrin

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