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Additional Researchers

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Shea the Sarcastic

I don't know where else to post this, but there were other Researchers involved in this Entry. I compiled it and contributed, but these people also contributed:

(T.T.)Mr.Mike - U177031
Clive the flying ostrich - U113478
Ekki Ekki Ekki F'tang Hala Hala Hala Bah-whing - U130666
Elly - U166393
EvilRoy - U175884

I'd appreciate it if their names were also put on it. Thanks. smiley - smiley

Additional Researchers

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I think that you can specify other authors in the edit message window if you scroll down. I would check with a Guru for more information.

Additional Researchers

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Shea the Sarcastic

But it's now an edited Entry, and I can't change it anymore. I had all the other names in the Entry *before* it was edited, but now there's only mine.

Additional Researchers

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Oops. Dunno if that's a 'Mea Culpa' on my part or they'd been removed before it got to me! smiley - winkeye (Deny everything, that's my story..)

I can't add them directly myself now either, but I'll mention it on the Subs mailing list and hopefully someone will be along to sort it out! smiley - smiley

Additional Researchers

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Shea the Sarcastic

Oh, I'm sure "somebody" removed them before you got there! smiley - winkeye

Thanks Cabby, I appreciate it! smiley - ok

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Additional Researchers

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