A Conversation for Having a Part-time Job in a Fast Food Restaurant

makes you think....

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jofrog 53

A very intreasting article, from the other side of the counter you dont think of anything but getting your hands on your burger. I guess you could say it is character building, but I dont think I could g through all that for all the chips in Blackpool.

makes you think....

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Working in a fast food restaurant was completely different to how I expected it to be. A lot less emphasis on food, ansd more on cleaning and tidying (including "filtering" - a nice way of saying "putting your hands in a vat of boiling fat with only a pathetically thin pair of gloves to protect you from pain".) In many ways, the customers are folks who get in the way of you doing your job, rather than your job being that of serving the customers.
I wouldn't recommend it for anyone.


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