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Milkshake Misery

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I've got quite a lot of nightmares involving the McDonalds Milkshake and Ice-cream machine! They're both part of the same machine which is made by Taylor, and all fast food restaurants use the same model (including Burger King, Wimpy, KFC etc.), only the ingrediants they put in it is different. And they are made so that, when they overheat, they break down. So, on a warm day they are anyway quite likely to break down, as they are hot. And on a hot day more people want milkshakes and icecreams, so they are used more often, so they are more likely to overheat. And as where I worked was next-door to Burger King, what normally happened was their machine broke down so that all their customers came to us to get icecreams etc., so on a hot day with twice as many customers twice as likely to want milkshakes etc., the machine inevitably overheats and breaks down. The customers aren't impressed, and guess who gets blamed?
Is it Taylor, who make the dodgy machines in the first place who are first in the firing line? I think not.
Although it's very amusing when customers shout "Well, I'm going to get my milkshake from Burger King" when you know there's no chance their machine will work if yours isn't...


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Milkshake Misery

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