A Conversation for Having a Part-time Job in a Fast Food Restaurant

job's in fast food restaurant's

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white horse

this posting bring's back memories, i can remember when i left school and got a job in a fast food restaurant that was well known for it's biker's, all in all it was a wonderful experience, but what springs to mind most was our favorite game.
it consisted of people in suit's ie; rep's, office workers etc coming in first thing for a quick breakfast of usually a couple of egg rolls,
which we cooked to perfection (the yolk nicely runny!!!), the aim of the game was to see how many people you could get wearing their breakfast in one shift( i think the highest score was about 13), but the funniest thing was that these people came back day after day to do exactly the same thing! you'd think that they would learn!!!

job's in fast food restaurant's

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Yep, work in a fast food place certainly has it's moments.
The things the customers complain about amuses me.
An example is that a customer came in and said that when they took their food home, it was cold. When asked where they live, they replied "Basingstoke", which is a good 40 miles away, so what did they expect?


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job's in fast food restaurant's

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