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British differences

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I assume this was written in America; in Britain we have the added joy, on top of trailers and sound wotnots, of fifteen minutes or so of advertisements. Generally these aren't as bad as it sounds as they're moderately new adverts which aren't on TV yet, but if you're in the habit of going to the cinema regularly they can get incredibly annoying, as they tend to show exactly the same adverts for several months.

Oh and perhaps a guide to age ratings might be useful? Specific to country, of course. I know that the American rating system is very different to the British one, but I'm not sure about other countries.

British differences

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I recall that China (and taiwan etc) have:
Cat I (UK equivelent would be U - suitable for all ages)
Cat II-A (PG - parental guidance)
Cat II-B (12 to 15)
Cat III (A lot of UK 15 rated films would be Cat III but is mostly
18 rated stuff. Most UK releases of Cat III films have scenes edited
out to make an 18 rating though... :< )

British differences

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Big Red

We've got 10 or 15 mins of advertising here in the U.S. now as well. It stinks! More ads than trailers, these days. And why is the volume so loud now that it's like going to a rock concert? I usally wear earplugs.

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