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Drink Sizes

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Drinks usually come in three sizes, which are listed as small, regular and large. But the actual sizes of the cups are large, really large and HUGE!
The only reason that I can find for the huge drink sizes is to make you want to pee 30 mins before the end of the film. This forces you to leave the cinema and walk back past the refreshments counter, and invites you to buy more over-processed, over-priced crap.

The only solution is to buy some cans of drink at a supermarket beforehand, and sneak them in.

Drink Sizes

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Researcher 33337

It wasn't always this way. Large used to be just big. Now you get a vat-o-pepsi. Still. Justifies teh price now.

Drink Sizes

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Big Red

Probably just part of the over-sizing of food items in general these days. Have you seen the size of a "small" cup of coffee at a coffee shop? It's easily 10 or 10 oz.

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