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Why does that knob to control the darkness of your toast still lie to us. To paraphrase Eddie Izzard there is one nanomillimeter between there and there (imagine my finger not moving) that is the difference between warm bread and a lump of charcoal.
The same applies to shower temperature dials incidentally.

One needs to put toast in a toaster 1 and a half times in my experience to get good toast smiley - smiley

Come on engineers. Chop chop - about time you sorted this one out really now isn't it.


In this day and age....

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Your so right the same problem seems to occur using the old fashion method of putting the bread under a grill. Once you turn your back for a nanosecond the bread turns to charcoal and you have to start again. Of course you could be really unlucky and the bread resembles a flaming mass and the only thing to do is throw it in the sink and pour on copious amounts of water to dampen the flames.

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In this day and age....

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