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Really good article from an obviously genuine fan smiley - winkeye

There is 'something' about Radiohead, some real quality control on their releases, including the b-sides of their singles which must not be missed. And they have a damned good sense of humour which is constantly misunderstood by the media. Too subtle maybe. Well, that's no difficult I suppose.

Their concerts are always a revelation, and in all the times I've seen them so far (8 since May 97) there's never been any repetition. The Kid A/Amnesiac songs are expanded and revealed in glory when played live.

Well, anyway, one could go on and on. Great band, up there with anything from the past. Get stuck in.

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I'm a big fan too... I wanted to see them at South Park in Oxford, but missed out smiley - sadface.

The b-sides are always good. The last two singles have had particularly good b-sides (though I still love Talk Show Host, and Permanent Daylight, and Punchdrunk Lovesick Singalong, and....). I agree that live, the music from the last two albums is far better - especially Everything in its Right Place and The National Anthem. I'm also a big fan of the Great Unreleased: Lift, True Love Waits and Big Boots/Man O' War.

Just a note to the author/editor: the pedant in me wants to point out that the lyrics you've quoted from Motion Picture Soundtrack are wrong. They should be (from the album version):

'Red wine and sleeping pills/ help me get back to your arms/ cheap sex and sad films/ help me get where I belong/ I think you're crazy, maybe.'

I know most of Radiohead's lyrics... I really know too much smiley - biggrin

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I did see them at South Park and they were actually good given a few technical difficulties at the beginning. And one at the end. This meant they couldn't end with the last track from Amnesiac and so couldn't use Humphry Littletone but they certainly made up for it by playing Creep. I'm sure this could be heard over most of Oxford. Someone's written an entry on this concert somewhere though I think she/he got a few of her/his facts mixed up.

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(Sorry that should have read Humphrey Littleton not Humphry Littletone as it was quite obvious from his playing he knew what he was doing)

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Jed the Humanoid -Keeper of things lost down the back of the sofa-also the Chief Mad Drunken Warrior of the Anti Squirrel League

Dammit...I knew that cheap suit was wrong..it makes no sense...thanks alot though..that satisfies the pedant within me to also make that correction (although I don't know how to correct these things to be honest) ANyway, thanks for the help.
I agtree about the b-sides...I don't own many of the singles..but I intend to get the Itch Album (japanese live b-sides mroe than anything else) and laready have the My Iron Lung album (b-sides from the three 'my Iron Lung EP' singles relased in Britain..released as an album in america (i think). Anyway, it has some great b-side tracks on it...Lewis (mistreated) is one of my favourite Radiohead 'rock' tunes...and teh acoustic version of creep really brings out thoms voice no end
Anyway..thanks for commenting..its nice to have my article being so talked about

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I have the Itch EP, though it's difficult to get hold of... My sister got it for me as a birthday present.
Thom has said that he wants to work on some EPs next... I'm waiting for the 'True Love Waits' EP smiley - biggrin

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