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Hmmmm.....I remember vividly hearing Fugazi for the First time the day the Ian McKaye's new band had an album out. . .Never heard of EMO. Emo is a character from Sesame Street, not a real Genre of music. . . ENO is a guy who worked with the Talking Heads. . .Kids these days, sheesh. And its called Posi in some circles. . .short for Positive, cf. (Means cross-reference) Shelter, Ray O'Today, Beastie Boys, Expand upon Minor Threat, Add Henry Rollins References,and add a bit about Bad Religion and HARDCORE MUSIC WITH A PURPOSE to this piece, and you may have a bit of the scene down right. . .


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Comrade Rumble

Well done on liking fugazi, you are evidently a person of taste.

As to Emo I have little time for the main body of it and certainly don't go around pigeonholing things, I just used the word because it is the word most used when describing Fugazi's genre.

As to putting more on the scene in, I don't think the purpose of this article is to do this, it is merely an introduction to the band, I may write some stuff about Minor Threat, State Of Alert, Black Flag, Bad Religion and some other of the bands at the time or you can. I just don't think this article needs it directly, I would be happy to suggest a link to another article about all these things.

Thanks for your advice.


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Yes please - do another entry on Minor Threat. As far as I can remember they only released 3 things but all had something to recommend them. Salad Days is a corker of a track, if only for the bell sound at the beginning.

As for the Fug entry - good stuff, very authoritatively written. I'm not much of a fan but the article kept me interested the whole way through. Would you recommend the later, more experimental stuff (the latest thing I've got is 'In on the Kill Taker')?

As for emo - I was told it stood for 'emotive' music.

smiley - cat


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Comrade Rumble

Minor Threat - I've written a small thing about them and the scene over at the straight edge area, it's a bit rudimentary but go and have a look if you like, I may try and write something longer, anyway here it is : http://www.bbc.co.uk/h2g2/guide/A528789. I've heard them described as the Beatles of Hardcoresmiley - smiley. I agree they are a very good band.

Thanks for the compliments smiley - smiley. As for best albums, my personal favourites are red medicine (the one after in on the killtaker) and repeater.

Emo, is emotional or emotive music and was first coined I believe in relation to Rites Of Spring and Embrace.


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Pan, the piper at the gates of dawn

>Emo is a character from Sesame Street<

Perhaps, you are thinking of Elmo, as in "Tickle-Me-_____."


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ok, ready for this, folks- good emo bands:
copeland, death cab for cutie, further seems forever, anberlin, dieradiodie
...and I have no idea who fugazi(?) is
also, there is a thing called screamo...


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Textbook Chaos

when i first read this subject heading 'EMO?' i was sure that it was a forum for people who disagree with the description of the bands genre. And that's exactly what i'd like to do, to be honest i am not a big fan of labeling different genres as there are so many new and irrelivent names appearing everywhere. anyway lets start at the beginning, if the word 'Emo' is short for 'emotional' then pretty much every work of music ever made is 'emo' music, james brown is an 'emo', mozart and bob marley, also the idea of 'indie' bands being independent in the way they produce their music has completely evaporated with pretty much all modern guitar music being labelled 'indie', how could the likes of the killers and kaiser chiefs be indie?? when major record labels are controlling them. I don't really want to start any sort of argument with whoever wrote the fugazi post as i do feel they did a good job but i have to completely disagree when they said fugazi were an emo band. Guy and Ian were both children of the hardcore/punk era, involved in minor threat, teen idles and embrace, playing music that would make an emo either slightly confused or pee their pants. i guess what i'm trying to say is that fugazi were a post-hardcore band not an emo band. I can't recall a single Fugazi song which includes emo connitations e.g 'songs about a failed relationship', 'songs about states "virginia"', 'songs about parents being mean'. Don't get me wrong i'm not having a go at 'emo's' or 'emo' music, just concluding that it is a silly tag to have, I think the term came about early 90's after the rise of cap'n jazz and braid and the bands that came after, at this stage it was a more underground movement but today the likes of Taking Back Sunday, Brand New and My Chemical Romance have brought the music more popularity recently.


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skyline stu01 assassin working for the highest bidder

james brown emo ??? smiley - rofl I would lurve to see him team up with 30 seconds to mars and cover Sex Machine or livin in America smiley - rofl


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Textbook Chaos

haha, unfortunatly we can't as he is dead. James Brown was an example i wasn't saying he was an 'emo', he just sang songs with emotion...smiley - ok

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