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Another derivation for the name.

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There's another derivation for the name, perhaps two.

In music, the fugue is a musical form, an escape, a flight of fancy. This term passed into psychiatry to represent the "fugue" state - when an overloaded mind escapes from its problems by collapsing into catatonia, amnesia, or other means of transcending the subject's issues. In this state people run - literally fly - away from reality; in TV, Reggie Perrin went into a fugue state when he faked his suicide, left a suffocating past life behind him, and reinvented himself. Often the fugue state is entered in a sleepwalking trance - soldiers with battle fatigue or PTSD enter fugue this way when they've simply had enough.

and another word for "fugue" is the Italianate "fugazi"...

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Another derivation for the name.

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