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I’m one of those silly people who wants a picnic straight out of a medieval movie (a movie based in medieval times, not a movie made then). I want the tables, the chairs, tablecloths, silver service, fine china, wine decanted from cut crystal ewers….hey, I can dream, can’t I?

On the other hand, I can’t stand sitting on a tattered blanket thrown over a buggy patch of uneven, gravel strewn ground – a baloney sandwich on Wonder bread in one hand, a can of lukewarm soda in the other.

So what’s a picnic fanatic to do? Find a happy medium (no pun intended) that includes a realistic dining environment accompanied by fabulous food and even more fabulous friends.

The Picnic Basket
No rucksacks/backpacks or plastic shopping bags allowed! Upscale shops in the US (William Sonoma, etc.) sell elegant and expensive wicker baskets filled with real china, stainless flatware, glasses, cork pull, and a nice, cotton cloth. I love these, but the drawbacks are – aside from the cost – these baskets are really heavy after you add in your food and drink. Unless one of my picnicking companions is quite buff and burly, I’ll stick with plastic cups, utensils and plates.

The Site
Flat, dry, non-buggy is optimum, but not always obtainable. I prefer a table, that way I don’t wind up with rock digging into my bum. If setting the ground, scatter some cinnamon and/or cayenne pepper around. This deters some types of ants from invading.

Food & Drink
Doesn’t matter so long as the sun is shining, the ants aren’t biting and the company’s stimulating!

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