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Picnic in Greenland

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Since we're all talking about picnics today...

The last place I had a picnic was overlooking Kangerlussuaq International Airport (a.k.a. Sondrestrom Air Force Base, a.k.a. Bluie West 8), Greenland. This was during a week of perpetual sunshine, with high temperatures about 25 degrees Celsius.

I brought with me:

* A canteen of water, which I refilled from a local lake throughout the day.

* Some leftover food from breakfast.

* A camera, with which I took numerous pictures of airplanes landing.

* A trashy science fiction novel.

* Roughly eight ounces of Jim Beam bourbon whiskey.

* A fly suit, which was a fairly effective means of insect control. There was one mosquito which bit me through the netting and a pair of blue jeans, but I doubt anything could have stopped that one.

One of these days, I'll write that Kangerlussuaq Guide entry. Till then, if you really want to find out what that part of Greenland is like in the summer, you can follow links from my home page.

Picnic in Greenland

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Where it says 'Bluie West 8)', make that 'Bluie West 8'. The smiley generator ran amok on that one. 8(

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