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Why are we here?

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Jo (Dead)

Oooh, you got one baby...grrrrr


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Mark Rest

I agree we are here because we are here so lets all just enjoy it.

Why are we here?

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Yevrah Niai Researcher 148101


Why are we here?

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Yevrah Niai Researcher 148101

Oopps sorry

Why are we here?

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Seems as though this conversation has gone to the wossnames...
What I'd like to know is not as much why we are here, as where we were before we came here.
(Perhaps we were all pigeons? Or possibly red herrings.)

Why are we here?

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Zathras (Unofficial Custodian of H2G2 Room 101. ACE and holder of the BBC Pens)

I've looked around very carefully.

Zathras is here. You are not here. If you where here Zathras would see you. Zathras does not see you. You must be there.


Why are we here?

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Sir Enix The Confuser

I reckon we came from a far off planet that had to do a Superman thing and send a couple of kids off to Earth. Once there we completely forgot who we really were and proceeded to wreck the place. We don't fit in here: isn't that obvious? Therefore we mustn't have evolved here. *We* might the the aliens...

Why are we here?

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Researcher 158487

I told you not to be brushing your teeth with a wire brush.

Why are we here?

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maybe we think we exist because we are here. no, i suppose not. never mind.

Why are we here?

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Don't know about anyone else, but I'm here for fun, from starstuff and sunshine. It seems like i might as well be here for fun...


Why are we here?

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U218740 - The Real HitchHiker's Guide To The Galaxy

Why are we here?

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Ah, this ties in well with the recent Oxford University research that shows pigeons are no longer using their inbuilt navigation systems, but are actually following the main roads, even to the extent of going around roundabouts.


It's causing hell amongst the homing Pigeon breeders, 'cos their pigeons are no longer doing as the crow does, but are being diverted by the M1 traffic cones. It is putting miles on their journeys and they keep losing races. The M6 toll road around Birmingham is proving expensive, especially at beak hours. And the GPS system that Oxford Uni has tied to their legs doesn't seem to help much either. GPS? Complete waste of the air miles system.


Why are we here?

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I reckon having a GPS system tied to your leg would be a handicap. No wonder they're having trouble smiley - biggrin

And we are here to create God. We've done that, like, ages ago yah so now we just get on with it. Living, that is.

I think I go lie down now.

Why are we here?

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Because all the buses to other, more interesting places, have already left and noone told us about the timetable change. On top of that there hasn't been a train for weeks and my knees hurt!

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