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Pyrex Muse of Unbreakable Space-age Wonder Glass, Student of Life, Keeper of the Seven Keys of Ventuslor

I loved Tom Swift when I was growing up and often wished they would make movies about him. I really enjoyed the Tom Swift Jr. Books, I couldnt really get into the original Tom Swift though... mostly because the book we have is about two and a half inches thick, small type and large dimentions... We just have it for decoration really, the book is to long ago to intrest me with the inventions. I really enjoyed the fourth series... in it they do make refrence to his dad and grandfather both being inventors before him and also if you read the Tom Swift/Hardy Boys book about time travel you would read about Tom's father inspecting footprints... etc. I really like that book it is sorta weird and hard to figure out. I love time travel stuff.

I have never read the third series however... In fact I never heard of it. What are some of the titles? Are there any web pages that have a list of all the Tom Swift titles?

Tom Swift

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Stephen P.

Alas, there was a website that had a great deal of information, but it is no longer available. I saw a few of the third series titles in bookstores back when they first came out; my nephews read some of the fourth series. Otherwise, I would never have known they existed.
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