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What about Tom Swifties?

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Paul Johnson

Tom Swifties are where a character (usually Tom) says something in a manner which punningly aludes to what he is saying. One I've just made up is:

"I just got run over" said Tom, tiredly.

I was under the impression that this genre of joke came from the Tom Swift books. Is this true?

An author who is rather fond of Tom Swifties is Terry Pratchett. One from his books:

"I was at a party" said Death, a shade reproachfully.


What about Tom Swifties?

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Stephen P.

I have yet to find any source that conclusively links the Tom Swift book with Tom Swifties. When and if that happens, I think a seperate entry is in order, cross-linked to the Tom Swift entry. There are so many Tom Swifties possible they deserve their own entry.
smiley - smiley Stephen

What about Tom Swifties?

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Martin Harper

And they have it! smiley - biggrin

See A592643
(well, it's just a bit of a bigger entry on wordplay, actually...)

What about Tom Swifties?

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Stephen P.

That's good to know! smiley - cheers
smiley - peacedove
smiley - smiley Stephen

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