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Rhymes with orange...

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What about "haliborange" smiley - smiley that small orange vitamin pill from the 60s ?

The phrase "for hinge" rhymes with "orange" but it is difficult to think of a context in which one would use such a phrase.Although in Bad Poetry ....

Rhymes with orange...

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A child in an orphanage
Was gleeful to find in his porridge
Something NOT silver
It was but a sliver
Of the fruit so well known as an orange

There once was a wee little runt
That won "Orphan of the month"
He got extra slurples
of pooridge that's purple
and a wonderful chocolate bundt

look it all up, I guarantee that all all real words except slurple, which is something that an orphan would say anyway I should think.
You can do anything you put your mind to.

Rhymes with orange...

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Have you not heard of William Mc Gonagle?

Orange is no challenge - porage does nicely. How about some Australian Questioning Intonation (AQI): if you apply this, garage fits too.

or homegrown...................


when you need to change the sheets
in a batchelor manner
forget the use of soap and water
crack them
with your hammer.

Rhymes with orange...

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good golly miss molly

Why not just accept that you cannot write bad poetry without having a few lines that don't rhyme properly in the first place!

Rhymes with orange...

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Uncle Ghengis

I reckon syringe nearly fits.
It nearly fits in such a wonderfully bad way - it's great for BAD poems.

Rhymes with orange...

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Nothing is perfect. Nor is the rhyme. But the anticipation to rhyme what seems impossible should drive poetry through. But there exists the appriximation of the perfect rhyme that is easy on ear. And since all we are dabbling with is called bad poetry, it is bad poetry that should carry most sense. And further horizons of human endeavour.It is important to work out generally accepted principles of what the above words should rhyme with.
My version is as follows. It is based on the description of how to make hidden writings on a piece of paper using milk and citrus juice.The practice just helpfull in case the need arises.
So i will advice you to device the stratagem
Of the 'orange' making gem

"And here comes the fated month
When you get down to your first stance
And moon that throws its rays so silver
dancing with the pallid sun's cylinder
You look through window steamy barred and lousy
making your friend that paper posy
Just take an orange
(For want of lemon)
Smuggle a syringe
through door-watching demon
Pump-out couple millilitres
With the needle from the aforementined citrus

Now take a milk and glass from wine
spurt out 10 drops containing acid
and mix it with the milk in glass, white and placid
Than (with the syringe) on paper words in massage you entwine

The leaf is blank
You warm it up
(Using a candle)
The words turn purple
And the massage that you wrote my entrails startle!

Its is also highly instructive link since I discovered the way how to change my long name with the "Preferences" buttom, that I long forgot.

Rhymes with orange...

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I am new but u have all inspired me so much im gonna spend the next 30 seconds riting 1
although it may take me like a week to post it cos im v v v v v lazy!

Rhymes with orange...

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people have forraged for all the possible rhymes for orange which so far have been as follows:

Porange (Chilver)
door hinge
Lorenge (the name of the First Pigeon ever to try sunflower seeds)
porringer (if broken at -er)
Oh, Range!
for hinge
low range

As For Month... there has been,

dunth (the pronunciation of the word "dunce" with one's teeth knocked out)
Onth (As In: failed a hundred times - Then made it the hundred and onth!")


Burple / 'burp'll'

thank you. enjoy. ( ....and i chalenge anyone to find any more)

Rhymes with orange...

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I loved your poem that used burp'll - I laughed till I cried!

I'm wondering if you could use "blancmange" to rhyme with "orange" - if you put the accent on the second syllable ...
smiley - biggrin

Rhymes with orange...

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Br Robyn Hoode - Navo - complete with theme tune

If you're careful about what you put before it, you can get away with partial rhymes... Like 'cringe' 'fringe' etc for orange. and for purple, I like semi-rhymes like 'circle'

Rhymes with orange...

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Orange can be rhymed...

Orange rhymes with tor-end, to-rend, poor-edge, and porridge
Indeed it even rhymes with revenge, you've just got to say it right
You wee-ned.
smiley - winkeye

Badpoe has spoken.

Rhymes with orange...

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There is of course door hinge, as,

I eat many an orange
as I paint my door hinge
I am on a bad rhyme binge
this purging make me squirm or cringe
as I play on this edge or fringe,
on a thing that rhyme with orange
do I impinge
or infringe,
as I unhinge
my rig or hypodermic syringe

lunatic fringe
King of Minge!

this poem did not make the cut of my book that was nominated for the Dylan Thomas Prize Too bad as it could win!

Rhymes with orange...

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Some Bad Poets delight in the challenge that rhyme presents. I am in two minds about this myself, having been born with a gift for felicitous rhyme. Indeed, when I wrote the following beautiful couplets I was unaware that others had experienced difficulty when lines ended with the words ‘silver’ and ‘orange’:

Now autumn frosts turn grassy slopes to silver,
I stand in awe and idly wonder “Will Ver-
Mont’s mountains blaze red, yellow and orange
Brighter in the high range or the low range?”

Rhymes with orange...

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Purple - Hirple, walk lamely or hobble.
Curple, strap under the girth of a horses saddle to stop the saddle kicking forward.

Orange - Gorange, To eat alot before purging.
Means to binge.
Most unpleasant liquids
Also a name cognate to German Goering.

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