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I entirely understand what you're doing and respect you for trying to put the information out there.
The thing Im having a thought about is this..... The reaction of the person being 'outed' to, should entirely depend on the outee. I was 'outed' against my will while I was in school, and although I did receive some prejudice, from staff rather than students, all of my friends were like; "and.....??" or "thats nice!" They registered what they had heard and were'nt bothered by it, and for me, that was the best approach!

Once I left school and started work, I didnt tell my new collegues as I felt it was none of their business but as I got closer to some of them, I did reveal my orientation to them. I told my best friend in the pub one night, his reaction: "Yeah, I know..... get the beer in"

So, while I agree the advice you are giving out is brilliant, people need to think about their reaction based on the person who is telling them the information!
Some people can handle the 'its no big deal' answer, while others need more support through a time that is incredibly hard.
This sounds like I've had no problems, but thats not true, some people still seem to think that homosexuality is contagious and avoid me like the plague. At the end of the day, if the people you consider friends cannot deal or react badly to the news and bully you for it, they just ain't worth the hassle!!



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Fragilis - h2g2 Cured My Tabular Obsession

You have a good point, Willow. Of course, it's always helpful to think of who the outee is and what your relation to them is before deciding how to act. If every person on the street took the outee aside to tell them they'd heard the news and wanted to voice their support, blah blah blah, I imagine it would very annoying! Not to mention time consuming...

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