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It's Never Really Over

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I especially like this one. It's one thing to tell your parents and friends, but quite a different task to tell it to the ever changing (at least in my case, as I'm a freelancer) world of work. Right now I'm trying several combinations of outing my polyamory life, from not saying it to anyone to spreading it to everyone. Interesting to note that the folks right here in good old Germany are quite tolerant.

It's Never Really Over

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Fragilis - h2g2 Cured My Tabular Obsession

I'm glad you liked that bit, Wonko. (You don't mind if I leave of 'the Sane' part, do you?)

That's pretty interesting about your own experiments in coming out. Freelancing does pose a logistics concern for outing yourself, doesn't it? I'm glad you're in a tolerant place.

Do you ever have trouble remembering who you have come out to and who you haven't?

It's Never Really Over

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I choose Wonko-the-sane only because there are many Wonkos in H2G2, in normal life I wouldn't even consider it. So you are welcome!

I'm very astonished of how good my environment reacts to our lifestyle. Our neightbours know it, all of our friends, most part of the family except the parents of the wife I have children with.

My aim is to out it to everyone, and the only thing with prevents me from doing this is the limit of time at hand to explain it thoroughly.

I think I don't have trouble remembering, but I have very much trouble remembering details and to whom to keep them secret about the lifestyles of my friends wich are not included in my family and who choose to cheat upon their wifes.

Did you ever consider beeing poly, Fragilis, beautiful?

It's Never Really Over

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Fragilis - h2g2 Cured My Tabular Obsession

Aw, shucks. smiley - blush

I have indeed. I've had a couple of what you'd call close shaves with polyamory, but so far it hasn't happened. I've found that even though my relationships are typically open-ended, people assume I am taken if I mention a significant other. So I've spent my life single (as now) or with one partner.

I hear that more people get wise to the polyamory option as they get older, so perhaps later. smiley - smiley

It's Never Really Over

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When you get older you view changes on what's important. Many people learn that their striving for stability actually kills it, and even if they achive stability, it isn't worth it any more, as the love and excitenment has died.

For me polyamory has always been an natural step, providing for stability, thrill and improvement at the same time. And it works!

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