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Flevoland is the youngest of the dutch provinces. It was formed in the eighties (?). Before that time the polders where each part of different provinces. As little as 50 years ago it was all under water. It consist only of polders reclaimed from the sea. For more information on Polders see Polders and dykes in The Netherlands. Flevoland consists of the Noordoostpolder, Noordelijk Flevoland en Zuidelijk Flevoland. These polders where laid dry in 1942, 1957, and 1968. It's purpose was to provide agricultural land. But the main city of Flevoland in the Zuidelijke Flevopolder, Almere is rapidly expanding due to the need for urban space in the north of the Randstad.


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Marjin, After a long time of procrastination back lurking

Not all of it was under water.
The Nort-east polder incorporated the former islands Urk and Schokland. Schokland was deserted when the polder was created, but Urk contained a busy fishing community.


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too true, but some lies have to be told smiley - winkeye
You cannot be entirely correct without adding useless details....


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You are right. Not all of it was under water. But I thought Schokland was deserted by it's inhabitants because the goverment told them. It was to difficult to keep the small isle protected from the see. And the government was afraid for their lives.

These days Schokland is still clearly visible in the landscape. If you are interested in dutch landscape design this is one of the interesting places to visit. Also because it is situated in the beautifully designed Noordoostpolder (Northeastpolder).


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