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Holland, the name

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I am currently visiting family and friends here in in Emmen, the rural part of the Netherlands, and they refer to the Netherlands as "Holland" though I have heard the age old story from many that Holland is only the two provinces and the story many would get offended over calling all of the Netherlands "Holland" so if that is the case, then why do I hear people from here in Emmen, which is in Drenthe and in Groningen and Friesland refer to the netherlands as Holland? Even back in America, I meet many Dutch who refer to their country as "Holland"? I think its become accepted to refer to the Netherlands as "Holland"?

Holland, the name

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To be quite honest, the reason why Dutch people often refer to Holland is because most people don't feel like explaining the difference between the Netherlands and Holland. Some low educated people don't even know themselves that 'Nederland' translates to the Netherlands and not Holland.

The reason why most people don't feel like explaining is because they either don't care about the difference (especially in Holland, where most Dutch live), or they think that it's too bothersome to explain it again and again to every foreigner that visits the country, but doesn't even know its proper name. smiley - rolleyes

Finally, 'Holland' is more recognizable and easier to remember for foreigners than 'the Netherlands'. Many English speaking tourists do not speak native English and are used to names like Holanda, Ollanda or Oranda as the official translation of 'Nederland' in their native language. Calling 'Nederland' Holland makes life a whole lot easier on them. smiley - winkeye

Holland, the name

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You say that a lot of Dutch people might be offended when you say 'Holland' instead of 'The Netherlands', I think that is a bit exaggerated. I don't live in N-Holland or Z-Holland but I really don't care if someone says Holland or The Netherlands and I'm sure most Dutch people don't care.

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