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Other colours?

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Gnomon - time to move on

This entry seems to suggest that there are only two eye colours: brown and blue. What about grey and green? Blue eyes are rare here in Ireland, but grey eyes are fairly common. Are they a variation of blue or a separate mutation?

Other colours?

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My understanding was that at the time of the blue eye mutation, brown eyes were pretty much the standard. I don't know exactly how the other light eyes emerged - I wasn't researching that after all - but I am fairly certain that they were more prevalent after the blue eyes caught on.

"This entry seems to suggest that there are only two eye colours: brown and blue"

smiley - laugh I don't really think that anyone needs to be told that there are more than two colors of eyes, Gnomon. That surely falls in the realm of "common knowledge". And I don't think anyone would read that into the entry (not least because the part I believe you're drawing this inference from is set in a particular historic timeframe). If someone who has been massively underexposed to the world around them decides to read about eye color and chooses to read this entry only, then perhaps we'd have an issue.

"What about grey and green?"

How about writing an entry about grey eyes or green eyes?

Other colours?

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Gnomon - time to move on

It was an innocent enquiry, Jordan. No need to take it as a criticism.

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