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Great Movie (and DVD)

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I totally agree, this is one of the best science fiction movies to come out in a long time.

Just for everyones information the DVD version is very good. If you want to find out alot of cool stuff about the film, and you have a DVD player, you should definitley check it out. It has comments by Jodie Foster, Robert Zemeckis, and the Special Effects people, just lots of cool goodies for insane movie buffs like myself to enjoy. I bought a player because of the DVD version of this movie.

Another great science fiction movie from a few years ago is Dark City, which also has a really good DVD version.

Great Movie (and DVD)

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Galaxy Babe - eclectic editor

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Thanks a lot, Wedge!
I am definately gonna treat myself to a DVD player smiley - winkeye
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Great Movie (and DVD)

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Researcher 217118

I have the movie on DVD too.

Sometimes we think certain scenes didn't have special effects, but a lot of the ordinary shots have added effects because the satelites weren't in the right place or maybe they weren't enough of them so they added more. Same with the crowd scenes.

The film I never get bored of watching. I can highly recommand the film to anyone.


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