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Surely this has got be a joke...

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Go-Go Girl

Considering the circimstances of DNA's passing, one can only state the obviuos, which is...avoid the gym!

Also avoid hypertension

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paulh, vaccinated against the Omigod Variant

...Not many doctors would urge a patient
with extremely high blood pressure to overexert
in a gym (or anywhere else). Even Ken Cooper,
who helped promote aerobics, would disapprove.
So, either DNA's blood pressure problem was not severe
enough to deserve a warning from the doctor,
or what happened was a total surprise to everyone
involved. As I recall, running guru Jim Fixx's departure
from this world was similarly unexpected.
...The question is, since we can't undo what
has happened, is there anything we can learn from it?
If you should ever have the misfortune to have
numbness in your arm (either one), and a doctor
finds nothing wrong, it might be a good idea to
seek a second opinion.

Also avoid hypertension

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Sport or exercise works best in moderation. You also have to know your own body - when to do something and when not. If health is your priority throughout your life you will learn this ability. Finally though some people just die younger than others. But still a healthy lifestyle can help you enjoy your life more while you have it.

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