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Getting Old(er)

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It sometimes feels very frightening; getting older, or - in my case - getting old. (born in 1951, and tired for years because of lack of sleep/weak nerves)

Will my remaining freedom be eaten away by a weakening body.
My imagination whiped out by insanety.
Will my social life become paralysed by a bitter solitude.
My creativity shrink by lack of future?

It sometimes feels very frightening; getting old(er).

This is real life, Alfredo.
Either you stay behind the wheel of this driving car,
or you jump into a dull death.

Alfredo; let's keep driving.

P.S. God bless the inventor of the impossibillity to whipe out your own Journal Entry.

Alfredo, completely sober.
September 25, 2003

Getting Old is very nice and enjoyable peorid

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Iam now 72 years old, quite healthy. I follow very ancient Hindu teaching, which say reduce your food half, double your drinking water trpile your mental and physical working capacity, and increase laghing energy four time.
I have no family responsibalitis, with sufficant money, spare time Iam writing books tevelling widly,traking regularly.walking,playing vastly,intersted many subjecttoo much curious,

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