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Susanne - if it ain't broke, break it!

I was wondering...I'm on h2g2 for about 2 months now and I feel ready to write my first guide entry. I thought about things I'm interested in and I thought, why not write a biography of Stanley Kubrick? I could do some research around easter and then write something good.
you think I should do it? I think so. but maybe others are more qualified than me? any objections?


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I'd say that if that is something you wish to write about, and no-one else has, then go for it.smiley - smiley I'd much rather read something written by someone who actually feels passionate about what they want to write than someone who has written a lot and is covering another topic.
If you feel that Kubrick's life is something that you should write about, then write about it. The good thing about H2G2 is that when it's written and submitted to Peer Review, other people can help make suggestions (and the other good thing is that you're free to ignore them). Kubrick's life is something which should be in the guide, and as it isn't in it already, then go ahead, put your best effort in and write about it.


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