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Did Kubrick take out insurance ?

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ISTR that I once read that Kubrick tried to take out insurance during the making of 2001 in case real aliens were discovered before the film was completed. The premium however was so high that they took the risk. Kubrick felt that the film was going to be a great success right from the start but felt that discovery of "real" aliens before the film hit the cinema would minimise the impact of the film !

This tidbit of information I think comes from Arthur Clarke's foreword to the novelization of the film.


Did Kubrick take out insurance ?

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I too have read this - and I *think* it is true, but I don't really know that much about it.
I'll see what I can find out smiley - smiley


Did Kubrick take out insurance ?

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R. Daneel Olivaw -- (User 201118) (Member FFFF, ARS, and DOS) ( -O- )

According to one of the essays in one of Clarke's books, "Report on Planet Three", Kubrick had Loyds of London draw up a insurance policy for the contingency that inteligent aliens were discovered, but the premiums were too high.

Did Kubrick take out insurance ?

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guys, you might be able to help, but i don't understand the idea of the monoliths and the whole seeing him age, scene et scene.
I studied film at college and write scripts and books etc, for living andjust fun. With all this film and life knowledge, still can't grasp the idea of those things. Any one help?

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