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What I like. smiley - geeksmiley - smiley

MUSIC. Books. Tea. Perfume. Sofas. The wind in the trees at night. Knowledge. Stephen Fry’s “Moab is my Washpot”. Breakfast. Douglas Adams, especially “The Salmon of Doubt”. Diplomacy. Chinese note books. Beaches and oceans. The green colour of fields in may. The Beatles. People who make me laugh. The Lord of the Rings. Schweppes. Magic. Kitchens on ground floor, with a door leading out into the garden. Watching the stars. Monsieur Hulot. Good song lyrics. The Simpsons. Newspapers. Michael Palin. Rowan Atkinson. Kevin Spacey. Imagination. The way my hair smells after a night out, of hairspray and cigarettes. Ravens. Sunshine. Freckles. Red hair. Swimming in the sea. Terry Pratchett. Jigsaw puzzles. Edward Hopper. The smell of basil and thyme. Wide landscapes. Loriot. The Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin. Looking at things. Silence. Little connections in life. Green library lamps. The Diogenes publishing house. Beauty. Salt pretzels. Monty Python. Summertime. Laughing in the cinema. Clean air. History. Sharing something with people I love. Botanical gardens. Jugendstil. Dancing. Ally McBeal. Garfield. The Smiths. Different perspectives. Savouring food. Creativity. Midsummer dawns. Movie trailers. Dreams. All things photographic and cineastic. Anything that touches me emotionally.

What I don't like.
Rather vague, this one. And who cares, anyway? smiley - laugh

When doctors contradict each other. Decisions. Responsibility. That you can’t trust the media. Public transportation. Forced happiness. Driving. Unwanted insomnia. Cynicism and insults. Helplessness in the face of injustice. Insurance companies. Banks. Authorities. Status symbols. The fashion industry. Boxing and Formula 1 on TV (sorry, guys!). Insects (especially ANTS! smiley - yuk). Headaches. Boredom. People who take everything for granted. My memory letting me down. People making a fool of themselves on TV. Mel Gibson. Unofficial CD-compilations or Best of/Greatest Hits. Seperation into black and white, good and bad. When things break down that I can’t repair myself. Weapons, military and superfluous ceremonies. Revenge.

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Here's something I'm regularly updating, so there's always something new to discuss

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smiley - booksmiley - space The book I'm reading at the moment: Akif Pirincci: Felidae
smiley - popcornsmiley - space The last film I've seen: Harry Potter and the half-blood prince
smiley - musicalnotesmiley - space My latest CD: White Lies: To lose my life

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