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I'll give it a go

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Researcher Ford

Once I had a dream that I was flying, it was the greatest sensation!

I'll try your technique, and I'll try not to start a new religion based on my experience

smiley - magic

I'll give it a go

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Mmm, I think I know what the Entry is getting at, and I'm definitely going to try it again...

I'll give it a go

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In all the dreams where I can fly, it is not really flying, more sort of like there is very low gravity, and I can just jump really high, and if I kick and flap arms enough (kinda like swimming) I can stay aloft for quite a while. Or kinda like being under water. Also, it is like being under water because if I try to run I find my feet just slipping on the ground and not going anywhere...


I'll give it a go

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Thanks for considering my technique, folks! The main difference to dreaming is that you stay conscious all the time.

I'll give it a go

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Researcher Ford

My dream experience was:

I was in a room, just standing in the middle of it.

I wasn't moving, I didn't know why

Then for no apparent reason I decided to lift one leg up.

This made me feel confident.

I lifted my other leg and there I was floating on air

It felt so good

It was like adrenaline pumping for the sole purpose of making someone happy

then in the dream, my cousin saw me floating and she was like" wow you're floating" and soon after, she went running to call the rest of the family

But then I woke up

It felt soo good

smiley - magic

I'll give it a go

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I used to dream a lot that I could jump and glide for ages going down stairs. I still have to refrain trying it in consciousness!smiley - rainbow

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