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How to Fly Using Meditation

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A common part of meditation is to reach a point where you imagine you are flying. Your body effectively loses all its feeling and you seem to receive no input to your senses anymore. It seems to be just your mind hanging in mid-air, watching down as it floats through your room, possibly upside down, as you no longer feel subjected to the forces of gravity.

How to Do It

Meditating and taking control of your mind properly is difficult and takes a lot of practice. Methods are taught when learning yoga, or taking part in martial arts or certain religions. The principles are all very similar; here is a simple example.

The best way to start is to lie down comfortably on your bed (the classic yoga 'lotus' position may look cool but it's uncomfortable for beginners and therefore makes it difficult to relax). Then close your eyes, relax and breathe consciously. Concentrate on breathing, hear the air flow, take deep and slow breaths. Forget everything else. Just hear and feel your breath.

Now, while still concentrating on your breathing, direct all your thoughts towards a specific part of your body which you have chosen as your focusing point. It should be a point with lots of nerves eg, your mouth or your anus. Be that point, feel that point, and think of nothing else. And continue concentrating on breathing; air is flowing in and out of you. Now you should hear white noise (a constant noise like the fan of your computer). All that exists now are your mind and your breathing and your point of focus. The noise is starting to dominate the other things, until everything is noise, but it's not loud.

On your way to falling asleep, your senses are turned off, and you won't feel your hands and arms any more. Don't try to feel them as this will 'wake' you and end your efforts to fly. Do not be frightened, let it happen. You fly. You have no sense of which is up or down. You look around (in your mind only, as your eyes are still closed) and float around. Have fun!

How to Stop Flying

Give your hand the command to press down on the bed. Do you feel your hand again? Now you are back. Wow.


When you fall asleep, parts of the brain are temporarily cut off from the senses. Flying/meditation stops the falling asleep process at the point at which the senses are cut off; you could say that the body falls asleep but the mind stays awake.

Please don't start a new religion based on your experience.

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