A Conversation for Wicca - a Legacy of Persecution


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For sometime I have been becoming more and more disenfranchised from the church. If I am going down this road I might as be brutually honest to you and myself. I only joined the baptist church because I had a missing link in my life and it was the only way to go at the time.
Ever since I was a child I have been able to see, hear, smell and every now and then touch those who are no longer living in the breathing and having a pulse sense.
A colleague of my husbands is wiccan. Alot of what he is saying makes an alarming amount of sense. I have endured countless full blown christian exorcisms.....never held for long.
In march this year I had a miscarriage. What relevance? The doors I had erected to keep me sane and the voices quiet tumbled like the walls of jericho into rubble and dust.
I am apparently a child of the raven. Hegartys little friends, uh not so little. When I was born my mother told there were 24 ravens outside the window of the room where I made my appereance. All my life there they have been. Never less than 7 never more than 24.
If I was to choose the wiccan faith what does this mean. The aforementioned collegue of my husbands and a family friend is guiding me. However I would like to hear other voices living or dead on this matter to help walk the right road.

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