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Martin Harper

I saw a reference to Shadakism as a witchcraft religion, and had never heard of it. So I did a google search, and found exactly one web page mentioning it, which didn't really do any explanation. smiley - sadface

Any ideas / hints?


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soeasilyamused, or sea

i have never heard of shadakism. i'll have a look and see, though. always interesting to learn about new religions.



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soeasilyamused, or sea

hmmm, INTERESTING. i can't find a thing.

well, my suggestion would be this: try an encyclopedia, dictionary, or if all else fails, your local library.

sorry i couldn't be more help... smiley - sadface


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Martin Harper

no worries - thought it was worth a go... smiley - smiley


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I have heard of a similar term in Hinduism. It had something to do with a female aspect of Shiva. Hope this help's you further.


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Martin Harper

Hmm - you seem to be referring to the Goddess "Shakti" - and the path known as "Shaktism"... could be related, possibly - but it's a bit of a stretch... smiley - erm

Thanks for the help smiley - smiley


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I will tell you as much as I can.

Shadakism is the name of a family tradition of Witchcraft that has only about 300 or so active members in the world, the tradition is not strictly blood family, for example, I as a Shadak Witch was brought into it by a non blood family and can introduce a good friend or a boyfriend into it if I should so choose to do so and believe they can handle all of the laws and such.

Shadakism was created in 1949 by Shadak Hansen who was the grandfather of the woman who raised me and my sister in this tradition after our dad died and mom became an alcoholic and didnt want to raise us any longer.

Most if not all Shadak Witches believe this to be their religion because the definition of religion includes worship or reverence of some kind of higher power, laws and rules, holy days and spiritual practices all of which Shadakism contains.

Some of the beliefs I am not willing to share on a public message board and to be honest I have been down this road before on a Wiccan board and found myself the victim of verbal threats, harrasment and called a liar, made fun of and all of that nonsense to the point where I lied and said that I had made the whole thing up to get out of the arguments!

Shadak Witches do believe in a Universal Creator who they view as male and female, black, white, hispanic, gay, straight, etc, truly it has no gender and every gender but most will call it by a certain feature, The Goddess for example is what I feel comfortable with or my lady-I will often say, I need to pray tonight and see what my lady thinks.

There is no Wiccan rede for that belongs in Wicca but there is a generally understood idea that all of life is sacred, holy and interconnected, everything natural deserves respect, reverence and honor and that means we should live our best lives while doing as little harm as possible to it, so MOST if not all Shadak Witches are Vegans, Enviromentalists, recycle, pick up litter when we come across it, volunteer, etc, I know I am/do!

We do believe that whatever one sends out returns though, at least I do and I know several of us who believe in that as well.

Randomized Ritual days are VERY important because they test us on this path, if we had a picnic planned today with our best friend and its a day without warning to do ritual, which is more important to us? These days are to spent entirely in meditation, magic, fasting, feasting, reading, dancing, drumming or whatever else suits you.

Magic is very important as well and all Witches practice magic, we spell it with a C and think that the spelling with a K is ludicrous, if a person does not know the difference between David Copperfield and Spells they are an idiot. smiley - smiley

Most Shadak Witches use Dice as a divination source over Tarot Cards and Runes and other assorted ideas. Dice is our way not of knowing what the future holds because we do not believe anyone knows that due to free will choices that we might make but as a way to know and understand what The Goddess/UC wants us to do, wants us to experience next.
We do not go to The Goddess in Prayer for every problem though like many religions do, we read sacred texts that have been handed down to us or that we have been led to read and as we come along instructions and ideas in those texts, we cast the lots and ask what she wants, it is also how we know what days are to be ritual days.

One Important law that we believe in is waiting for the doors to open before bringing about any major changes. Ive been accused here of following the Tv series Charmed but this shows pure ignorance as to what I believe in.

The Girls from Charmed didnt believe in doing magic for personal gain, they certainly believed in making major changes, Prue quit her job at Bucklands to become a Photographer, thats making a major change which Shadak Witches believe must first come from The UC, so if you are bored and want to go to college but you have not been brought this from the UC to do, you can light some candles, do some visualization work, wait, pray, investigate what college would be like but ultimately you need to WAIT.

I think thats enough for now, there is so much more to learn about this path and I would love to find a real student to teach it to, if thats any of you or you just want to know more, feel free to contact me at [email protected]

PS-where did you encounter a discussion on Shadakism in the first place, Id be curious to see if it was made by one of my relatives or not?


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Martin Harper

Thanks for the information. Interesting thoughts about waiting for inspiration from the world.
I came across Shadakism in a discussion of a book: The Dice Man, a long time ago.

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