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Well, I've been today in a "skin-clinic" (not a beauty clinic) because I do have suddenly lóts of small red spots at my stomach and also at my arms.

I got it first during a crisis (1982) at my head where is hair.
It never went away. Sometimes a bit.
Twenty years ago.

What really helped me in the last few years were;

- Putting my head two or three times a day under a stream of cold water.(lots of energy I also got).

- Using the amino L-Cysteïne, because it reduces the activities of the sebaceous gland from the skin. It did the job in within one hour, but it also de-acitvated my anti-depressive medicines, so I lost that one.

All my four daughters have it. Much earlier then I got it and they all say it comes from me.Maybe. We can laugh about that.

- in wintertime I wear warm clothes inside and the temperature inside has the maximum of 15/16 degrees. By accident it fits in my way of life. The dry winter-inside-warm fuels the devil at my head skin.In summer the air is never that "dry" in The netherlands.
One could supply more water in the air, inside the house.Maybe.

- MSM (number 1 foodsupply in the USA) also does help a bit, but, the same as L-Cysteïne, it also "attacks" my medicines.
I also tried outside on the skin. Not a big success.

But since a month, I suddenly have an extreme growth of these spots around my stomach.About 50% of all the spots. They are smaller then the other spots around my body. (so far not at my face, and I'll ask the greec gods to help if that might happen...)

The skin-clinic will tell me the official results from the lab, but the skin-specialist already told me today:"I'm 90% sure, it's psoriasis".

If someone wants me to give the final push into the emotional ravine/gorge, he/she should come up with such a message, because I have to cope with some other things inside of me.

In my case ,"so far!!", I have not really felt extreme "pain" ,
or itch(ing) , besides my head, but that doesn't dominate my skinproblems.
And I wondered why.

I think I know the answer.
Often I read at the web, that the anti-depressant Tryptizol (amitriptylene)can fight these symptoms, and, yes, I happen to use them in high amounts by subscription.

This will be my first night with "the new knowledge" and maybe my postings at this entry can be of any help; just by writing it down for myself. As much as I want, any time I can in this topic.

I already join h2g2 for several years and feel great sympathy for it ánd the BBC and this Entry really says much more then I did read at the web or wikipedia.
And I know myself. I new things I always have a period of obsessive research. I cannot rule that out, so I'll try to manage it in my own benefit as good as I can. But calm etc. would ofcourse be far better.

I did not know that there were even different types of "psoriasis".

The trigger in this case will also have been extreme stress.

As far as I know now, I'll probably have two different types of psoriasis.At my head and the other places.

Well, deseases are never "fair"; one can't say to ones body; "hey, I already have this or that, so go to someone else who has nothing!".

Our emotions/at least mine dó have that reflex, but life is deaf in the world of diseases.

P.S. Alfredo is not a walking skin-disease. Alfredo is a man who paints and writes stories and a man who is having troubles with his skin, especially in the first half of 2006.

But, I am aware, that I am extremely emotional when visible skinproblems are concerned. That could feel darker than dark and I am aware of the negative circle of fear for fear.

Maybe, the wisdom and knowledge of this entry can calm my soul a little. That would be a miracle of itself.

Greetings from Amsterdam 23.45.

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