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By way of an on-going experiment...

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Whilst researching this entry, everywhere seemed to mention that cigarette smoking makes psoriasis worse. Nowhere was there an explanation as to why this may be. Now every smoker will know that *everything* gets blamed on smoking, so we do tend to be quite dimissive of this.

But 3 weeks ago I stopped smoking. So has my P got better?

Of course not! It's worse - six months of being quite settled has come to an abrupt end. I confess, I sort of expected this though - I'm stressed, so it will be worse.

Now all I want to see is if the P improves as I get used to not smoking. Watch this space smiley - erm

By way of an on-going experiment...

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The experiment is over. I have given up giving up smoking.

After 5 months being off the weed, if it was going to get better, I think I would have by now.

It didn't smiley - sadface If it had made a significant improvement, it may have helped me stay away.

Oh hum.

By way of an on-going experiment...

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Yes no difference to me either

By way of an on-going experiment...

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Will be interested to hear ya results from the non smokimg.
Just had a flare up of P out of no where and was seeing if red wine had anything to do with it.
There is a new treatment in the US called RAPTIVA that sounds promising but will be checking the facts out when see my Dr so stay tuned!!

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