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Psoriasis can be disabaling!

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I have had Psoriasis for over 40 years. For the last 14 I have attended hospital on a daily basis for a minimum 3 to 6 months a year since Aug o3 I've had less than a 2 month break.
I have been medically retired from employment by ccupational health but as yet cannot get anyone in the dermatologicla field to recognise that for every 1000 patients in the UK who do have Psoriasis there are probably 1 to maybe 10% who genuinely are totally unfit to work.
In order to walk about I have to strap up my feet with dressings and bandages,I cannot even get the proper arthotic uplifts in my trainers. I cannot wear shoes or even sandals.
Why is it that no official body recognises that psoriasis can leave people disabled temportarily or permanently.
Tomorrow is World Psoriasis Day and I am depressed to admt that in the eyses of many people I am a dirty infectious person! Ask 100 people and you may be shocked to discover we don't wash! it's contagious.
I would like to be recognised as someone who would like to but cannot work! rather than a dirty rotten sciver!
PS I would like to tell the UK public that I have had to pay my own way to hospital, childcare etc and I am probably at least £20,000 out of pocket with no benefits as I was a stay at home mum! Just think what I could have earned!

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Psoriasis can be disabaling!

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