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Nose piercing

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Hey, I was wondering about getting a nose piercing... a) How much does it hurt, and b) how muhc does it cost, approximatly? I've got my ears done and I didnt think they hurt very much, could you tell me how nose piercings compare? Thanks!smiley - smiley

Nose piercing

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I'm not really here

How much it would cost depends on where you go, and what country you're in I guess. I haven't got my nose pierced, so I can't tell you how much it hurts. I don't think it's painful enough that they need to freeze the skin.

Nose piercing

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Yvonne aka india

I don't know about cost as I did mine at home (well, my other half did it for me). The most painful part was the little clamp we used to keep the skin in place while we were working; the piercing itself was sharp but not painful, does that make sense?

I would probably hurt more if you freeze it because you can fiddle with it without feeling it, so you don't realise how much it's being disturbed. Without freezing, as soon as it's done and you touch it, it aches so you try to touch it as little as possible in future. I think the tingling of the freezing wearing off is more painful that the pierce itself. Ouch.

Hope this is useful, enjoy your nose ring

Nose piercing

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Beer Elf

If you're still around, I can tell you that the stud gun method that I used with my nose sucks.. it went septic twice!!

My daughter had hers pierced with the needle and plastic tube method described here, although it was more expensive ( £18.00 sterling) it was done by the guy that did my other piercings, and is still beautifully stable, didn't go septic at all, and we're both very happy..

If you haven't had your nose pierced yet, I would echo all the advice on the article, especially asking around, most pierced people are friendly, and we like to spread the word!! smiley - biggrin

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