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Self Mutilation

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Old Net Lunatic

Isn't it a deep form of self-disapproval, a form of mutilation?

Self Mutilation

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smiley - erm No.

I had my navel done because I thought it looked pretty.

And then I had some others done for a different reason, but not because I disapprove of myself. smiley - smiley

Self Mutilation

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There are a million and one reasons why people body-modifys. tattoo's or scarification. Its a highly personal choice, because sometimes the self is the only thing an individual has complete control over...negative attitudes towards the field are something I dont understand...

Self Mutilation

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Researcher 199729

Whenever I get pierced it's to mark a significant period in my life. I hate when people say "Oh, you only got that because you think it's cool" or "You're a wierdo". I also hate it when people say body mods are disgusting and yet love the idea of cosmetic surgery. I also see body mods as a "trial by fire" - if you can come through it in the end you're a better person.
My next piercing is going to be my tongue in three weeks to celebrate a new year at college, new prospects, a new job and a new milestone.

Self Mutilation

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Exactly! Body Modification IS cosmetic surgery...and my first tattoo was downlast month on my 18th Birthday. I worked for the money that paid for it, I went on my own, and it signified everything about MYSELF and my independance.

However, I dont think that anybody should have to justify what they do to their own bodies. It's not up to anyone else whether something is creative or destructive.

Self Mutilation

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This is a plug for A1021285
Pleasure, Pain and Permanence, H2G2's body mod society...

Self Mutilation

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I started stretching my lobes because it makes me different and individual.

[b]This is always pierced with a body piercing needle and a ring or stud is worn.[/b]

*groans* BARBELL. NEVER wear studs.

Self Mutilation

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Seeing as I got my piercing to celebrate the end of a time in my life where I disapproved of every aspect of myself and to remind myself that it was a wrong way of thinking, I can say that for me, it very much isn't. smiley - biggrin

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