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Sort of funny business..

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What with summer still in or imagination this year, driven by sheer boredom and frustration I have been wondering what to do. A tattoo that I got last year needs a bit more work, but Ive only been able to bare it twice so far, so maybe it can wait. So what about getting a piercing then ?
Ive got a pretty nifty pair of sunglasses with a ring through the top left, so it looks like an eyebrow piercing until I take them off.smiley - cool An eyebrow piercing may then look neat, but it would spoil the joke and id need some new sunglasses.
Being an admirer of function as well as form, genital pircings dont sound especially practical - no-one so far has given a satisfactory answer to this question. Forskin sounds pretty benign, but it would stick out the side and im pretty sure get caught on things. Frenum sounded promising, but I tore it once in an awkward sexual accident smiley - yikes so thats gone.
But anyway, pretty well the only other person likey to see it is my wife, who i'm pretty sure would hate it.
I suppose next time we have an argument smiley - steam I could go and get my nipple pierced in protest. Tee Hee..

Sort of funny business..

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I definitely recommend nipple piercings!

(And yes, I am subscribed to this entry, even though I didn't write it. smiley - biggrin)

Sort of funny business..

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Im giving it serious considerations..
'course, if she goes s***less and throws me out i'll know where to come smiley - winkeyesmiley - laugh

Sort of funny business..

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This is a plug for A1021285
Pleasure, Pain and Permanence, H2G2's body mod society...

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