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Dorm Tricks 1 - It's Snowing

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This trick is most effective in a region where it rarely or almost never snows.

Step 1 - have a dorm room above someone gullible with windows that open and know his or her number.

Step 2 - Gather and crumble several packing boxes worth of white packing peanuts, hopefully free. They should be crumbled to a fairly small size.

Step 3 - Gather one or more buckets of cold water, mix in a little vegetable oil to make it sticky. Perhaps an eighth cup per gallon. Add vegetable die for added cruelty.

Step 4 - When you know victim is home open your window, buckets nearby in easy reach or with confederates nearby to help, start gently dropping styro-snowflakes out the window for a few minutes hoping he will stick his head out the window to see them more closely himself. If so skip to step 6.

Step 5 - Call his number and with as much incredulity as you can muster ask victim if he has seen the snowfall. Wait for his, OMG I can't believe it reaction. If needed ask him, how far do you think its falling, is this a fluke or is it all over campus? Use any means necessary to get him to open that window and stick his head out.

Step 6 - Once head is fully out window, pour buckets of water, oil and all remaining "Snow" out window so that he is literally coated with styrofoam as if he had been tarred and feathered.smiley - biggrin

But this is much easier to clean off and not painful at all.

With luck you have a person with a video camera to catch it all for Google Video. Remember NOT to drop the bucket. A broken bucket = a bad day in court for you.

It helps if it is a cold day outside when you do this.

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Dorm Tricks 1 - It's Snowing

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