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Dorm Tricks 2 - Retaliation - Soccer Posts

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smiley - runSuppose you were the victim of dorm trick 1. Lets call him Gerry. The names of the victims have been switched to protect the innocent.

Naturally you want to get even in a big way. Yet you are not known for being able to pull off a major scam or practical joke, somehow you always blow it.

But then smiley - eureka the perfect ploy. For your victim, to make it easy we'll call him Gerry too, is known for his jokes and now he will pay for it.

The next day is day of a big soccer match between your small college and a big international school that is willing to play your school because of its foreign language academy and the soccer players it has drawn, and for no other reason.

Put when the teams get there. Both goals, large wooden, official size, have been painted a bright neon pink. By "coincidence" so has the door of Gerry's room while he was soundly asleep.

This causes immense trouble for Gerry, innocently asleep. Until the team comes calling.

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Dorm Tricks 2 - Retaliation - Soccer Posts

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