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Chris (no, the other one)

Of course mandolin sales might go up once a certain film (adapted from a certain book) gets released...

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Gnomon - time to move on

Any idea when it is due for release? Who are playing the main parts? I heard Nicholas Cage as C. How much of the book does it cover? Captain C only appeared through the book. I bet all the stuff before that with Mandos is left out of the film.

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Bigalibi (Muse of Antiquated Swimming Strokes & MuG)

I wonder if I'm the only player of said instrument not to have read the "C" book? Just as an aside (to offend mando-purists) one of my pals who works in a shipyard is attempting to build me a FIBREGLASS Italian style Mando, which should hopefully appear at this year's Cambridge Folk Festival!

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Gnomon - time to move on

Captain Corelli's Mandolin was not actually about mandolins, it was about Love and War. The Mandolin was just one of the characters in it, and didn't even appear until about half way through the book. Don't feel compelled to read it just because it has Mandolin in the title. But it was a good book and worth reading.

Fibre glass would be good for the body of the mandolin, but you couldn't use it for the neck, could you? It wouldn't be strong enough. I think you would have to bolt on the neck and the thing at the end that the strings attach to, because I don't think fibre glass will take screws. Let us know how you get on.

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