A Conversation for Being Pretentious

All Black Too Goth

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Excuse me, but most Goths are pretentous, and I would know as I used to be one. I'm still recovering from it. Now I'm that most pretentous of Goth, the ex-Goth.

All Black Too Goth

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esoteric epigram

well i suppose attempting to impress by affecting greater importance or merit than is actually possessed can mean in any direction, it depends what you think is important or meritous (is that a word?). goths can certainly be pretentious but that doesn't neccessarily mean they listen to jazz or prune miniature trees. there is an intelectual edge to being a proper goth though isn't there?

All Black Too Goth

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'Course there is. And if that fails, there's always the scary black clothes and make-up to fall back on.

All Black Too Goth

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esoteric epigram

but theres something a little pathetic about a goth who seems only desperate to impress other goths, they should have a dignity.

All Black Too Goth

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Yes, there is something pathetic about those people. They are what we "elite" goths call the "baby goths" or "mansonites". More often than not, for them, it's the image, rather than the lifestyle, that is the most worrysome part of the "job" of being goth. Of course one can not fail to mention the art staying up to date on the current styles in their overpriced skater shoes; only occasionally putting on a new tool t-shirt from hot topic.

However, showing an ankh of emotion for the poor state the image-goths are in, demotes one's pretensiousness to a level matching that of an individual who works in a university coffee-shop, in hopes of _seeming_ pretensious to surrounding peers. Thus, further discussion about what a pathetic batch of losers these guys are in, is, in essence, right out.

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