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I'd forgotten all about this piece of televisual history. Were there really only eight episodes, it seemes like many more?

Didn't he always wear a white scarf for no apparent reason?

Reminds me of another classic too. I seem to remember this programme alternated with Automan, now there too was a great programme od its time. smiley - winkeye

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1983!?!?!?!?! Crivens!?!?!?!
Yes, it was about the same time as Automan and all that Knightrider, Streethawk, Airwolf telefantasy nonsense involving lots of near LA deserts.

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The thing I liked best about Automan was they way his cool blue neon car turn corners at right angles, Automan could handle it but his human side kick always ended up with a comedy neck ache.

I was young OK
It seemed funny at the time

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Welcome to H2G2 mistersnappy!

You'l be delighted to hear that The Apprentice, who is a great lover of pulpy TV, has also written an entry on Automan:

Cloviscat smiley - blackcat

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IS there anything else to remember about that programme?
I still think its funny, but then, I am very childish smiley - biggrin

He always had a glowy collar, even when he wore a suit, I remember that too.
I seem to remember he had a glowy light thing called Pixel or something that used to help him out also.

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Thanks for that info Cloviscat, told you they were linked didn't I?
smiley - tongueout

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I think he was called 'cursor' and how odd that no-one noticed the blue-glo collar...

Blame me in a tiny way - I Scouted both entries for the edited guide - hard work! smiley - tongueout

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Seagull's Lost Horizon

I remember I used to like it, no one else I know remembers, only eight episodes, seems like a lot more, but then it probably did when I was a kid.

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