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We remeber the strangest things...

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Mr Prophet (General Purpose Genre Guru)

I think it only turned up at the very beginning of one episode - like, in the intro where we get the spiel about how this guy can turn into animals - but didn't his dad do a sort of Jedi evaporating thing when he died and passed on his powers?

My only other clear memories of the series are manimal turning into a persian cat to escape when cornered in a villainess' shoe closet (and apparently that one he did without the heavy breathing, because that could have got him into so much trouble); the detective waving a snake around and telling it to stop messing about and turn back into the guy then - comedy gold - he wals in the door and she faints because she's holding a poisonous cobra; him turning into a panther to break out of the ubiquitous VC bamboo cage; and Manimal trying to get a tigress to hit him to prove she couldn't have killed someone inside her teeny tiny cage.

Oddly, almost nothing else remains.

The Prophet

We remeber the strangest things...

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Dr. Funk

It's incredible that so many people remember this show considering that its run was so very short. Clearly it found its ideal audience quickly.

We remeber the strangest things...

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I had no idea how few "Manimal"s were made. One day when I was sick, I saw a bit of an episode on the vast wasteland that is the Sci-Fi Channel. I had to go vomit or something, so I didn't see the rest. I've never seen another since. I guess I should consider myself lucky to have seen one at all.

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