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But what about the rest

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Even though I have respect for Manimal, it is just another of a collection of one-offs from the 80's. The effects were slightly wobbly and the stories a little bit strange but for one series (I remember it being on a Monday night on BBC1) it held the imagination of my childhood and others. Kids pretending that they could change into snakes, wolves and elephants in the playground, where as todays kids pull knives on each other because thier Polywhirl got beaten by a Picachu (I must one day write the Pokemon VS Top Trumps article).

But let us not forget the other, StreetHawk, Gemini Man, Man from Atlantis, Some cop show with an android who pressed his nose and took a picture out of his pocket (what was that called) and a personal fave of mine, Automan...

Automan had to be one of the coolest shows ever.. Taking the idea from a reverse of Tron, even the car was cool. If they ever want to bring back Automan in a movie, I'll agree to it. Modern day effects would improve all of these shows, but Automan would work so well with todays CGI effects and with the rumour of Tron 2.0 in the pipeline (come on Disney, what a year you could have with that and HHGTTG), now would be perfect to return it. After the dire Charlies Angels, Mod Squad (yuck) and Sgt Bilko in the last few years and with A-Team and even Knight Rider about to return.. maybe revisiting these classics would be fun....

But what about the rest

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Hi Ravesncroft, if you look at the thread I put on here (oh no!) you'll see that the same author has also written an article about the great Automan! Cloviscat put a link there smiley - smiley

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But what about the rest

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