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In the Internet Movie Database (www.imdb.com) there is a listing for a remake of the Italian Job to be released in 2003!! Mark Whalberg is listed as taking the Charlie Croker role. In the posted plot summary, the theft apparently takes place in Los Angeles using (presumably new) Minis. Since it takes place in Los Angeles, it's unclear why it's still being called the "The Italian Job".


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It's like remaking Casablanca - you could do it, but why would you bother ehwn it will inevitably be worse than the original?


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I know what you mean. I can't bring myself to watch it. smiley - sadface


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I did and wished I hadn't


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I actually was pleasantly surprised with this remake. After seeing remakes of Psycho, The Omen et al I expected something equally unworthy but thought that The Italian Job remake got it spot on thanks mostly to a stellar cast of Ed Norton, Mark Wahlberg and the legend that is Donald Sutherland.


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ur avin a larf m8t total dire dog plop not a patch on tha original like tha new model minis* shud neva been made, i cringed to half way thru and ad 2 turn it off lucky 4 me i waited till it woz on tha box aunt nellie must be turning in her grave. * i owened a 1979 mini hl wish i nva dam sold it now.

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