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the most beta carotene comes from which type of carrots?

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According to a documentary I watched a couple of weeks ago, Professor Regan's Diet Clinic on BBC Two at 2100 BST, on Thursday, 16 April. Prof. Regan perormed some tests using different methods to see which type of processing would produce the most beta carotene from carrots.

First she chewed up raw carrots and spat them into a 'mechanical human stomach' which yielded 5% b.c.
Second chewed boiled carrots yielded 60% b.c.
Third she used blended boiled carrots which yielded 90% b.c.

Not an expected result


I feed my border collie a diet which includes a mix of kale and carrots put through a juicer and re-combined, she's 10yrs and still has the energy of a pup!

and I always have a glass of carrot juice myself, never tried peeling them before, so thanks for the tip!

Regards to all
Pete (and Tia)

the most beta carotene comes from which type of carrots?

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pailaway - (an utterly gratuitous link in the evolutionary chain)

Thanks for that link smiley - ok

I had a collie once that dug up carrots in the garden - it's mollifying to think that this annoying habit may have prolonged her life.

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