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Alcohol, it's bad

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Don't drink alcohol, kids. It's bad, okay?
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What I've recently discovered was that alcohol can't improve your sexlife. Some of you have in fact discovered that a long time ago. Some of you don't drink because of the dangers of alcohol. Some of you just don't like the side effects (these people are called control-freaks). I'm trying to stop the occational drinking because it actually makes my current situation much, much worse.

I'm a very shy person, although some people could disagree on this. Drinking large quantities of alcohol doesn't help me to change towards a more out-going personality. The side-effects of alcohol have completely opposite effects on me than is usually thought. This is the reason why I try avoiding the use of alcohol.

If you don't understand something in this text, just ask me. Or if you have a different opinion, reply.

Alcohol, it's bad

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its not bad....u just have to know how to and how much to drink.
i know this because i work with it . . .ok i also drink.
u dont have to drink alot, just enough so u would enjoy more and laugh from the most stupid jokes people will throw at u

Alcohol, it's bad

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Hey, Haxx,

Interesting position, but perhaps you need to be more specific.
Alcohol can, I suppose, improve you sexlife; depending on how much you get the other person to drink.

Yes, alcohol will not change your personality. It can reduce inhibitions, but that is not a universal effect.

I'm not sure what you meant about those who dislike the side effects being 'control-freaks'. I don't think you have to be a control-freak to dislike tripping, falling into things, hangovers, etc.

In moderation, alcohol can be quite healthful to the heart, digestion, and other bodily functions.

Still, it sounds as if you have made the right choice for you.

I've never been a drug user, but had friends who would say 'I've just got to see you high one day', to which I would reply, 'No, you wouldn't find me interesting high, I close up and don't say a word.' I had no idea if it was true, but kept the pressure to use drugs to a manageable level.

Stay health,
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